Broc gives his thoughts on 2011 so far
April 27th, 2011   
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2nd at Phillip Island race by 0.009 of a second
February 27th, 2011
It was a great race, I was only really in the race at the start, unfortunately on lap 2 my brake reservoir was loose and dangling in the wind, I tried to tuck it in and I lost 2 seconds and I was back to 7th for 2 laps, it was still there the whole race but I just pushed and I wasn’t sure what to expect but at the end I had a lot of grip, I felt good and I’d just like to thank the team for giving me this opportunity and I’m really happy with the first race of the season. Every time we get on the bike we’re making steps and when its that close at the end you know it’s a good race.   Read more...
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Front row for the first race at Phillip Island
February 26th, 2011
The main goal was the front row and we reached that. I could have improved maybe but I caught up to a slower rider and all around the last part he slowed me up. So my best lap was not really my ideal lap. We have a good starting position for the race tomorrow, and that is the main thing. I feel pretty confident with our race set-up so we’ll see what we can do in the race. It is pretty clear what we want to do with the tyre situation already. It is good to be home racing, flying the flag for Australia in Supersport.
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