3rd on the grid for the World Supersport race at Donington Park tomorrow
May 12th, 2012
Well here we are in sunny Britain you wouldn't believe it we've had blue skies and its always welcoming when its like that. We struggled yesterday, we were down quite a bit from the top guys then we changed the bike quite a bit for today. This morning we found quite a bit of time but we still needed to find a lot for this afternoon. The guys came up with some new strategies for the bike as we were struggling for grip and we seemed to find a lot of grip this afternoon and we put it up in 3rd on the grid which is really good, my aim was the front row. We got a pretty good set up for the race and big thanks to the guys for getting the bike up to where it is. Click here for the full video. 
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Leading the first lap before a crash in a wet Monza race
May 6th, 2012
Its been a disappointing weekend and I can’t wait to get out of here. I got a good start from the second row and got into the first corner first then I went into turn four and I didn’t realise it was so slippery, I was upright on the brakes because it was wet and I just tucked the front, there was nothing I could do so our race ended really early today. I picked the bike up but the foot peg had gone and the gear lever had been broken off as well but I kept circulating just in case they red flagged the race because there were quite a few crashes and the weather looked really bad but unfortunately they didn’t red flag it so we couldn’t restart the race. I waited until two thirds of the race was done and then we came in. We go to Donington next weekend, the championship is not looking too good at the moment, still a long way to go but we’re going to have to start scoring some good points. Lets see what happens. Click here to see the full video.
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7th on the grid at a wet Monza
May 5th, 2012
 Here we are in a wet Monza. Its been a tricky weekend, the rain has been on and off all day today and yesterday we had a few dramas in the first qualifying and we ended up 7th on the grid which is not ideal. We were a lot quicker than that but we had a problem with an engine yesterday. This morning we went out in the free practice and went quickest, a lot quicker than we had done all weekend then this afternoon it rained so we couldn’t better our time. I’m confident that we have a good dry set up to go out in the race but for the wet we’re unsure because we didn’t get a lot of time in the rain, it only rained at the end of the session. The forecast doesn’t look very good but we just got to do what we did last time if it rains, be there at the front in the battle and then see how we feel at the end of the race. If it rains or if its dry I think we’ll be good either way so bring on tomorrow and lets see what happens. Click here to see the full video. 
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