Final round of the championship in Magny Cours this weekend
October 6th, 2012
I have always had good results at Magny-Cours and I like the track so I am hoping to finish the year pretty strong. The weather looks good at the moment so fingers crossed we should be OK. I am not sure why it has always been a good track for me, but some tracks you go to it is easy and others it is hard. It is one I have always been able to get around pretty quickly. It is a very technical track and one of these where you can have good close racing. The championship win got decided last time out so I am sure all the WSS guys are just going to be trying for the win this weekend. The top five is pretty much sorted out now so our own aim this weekend is to win the race. 
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Portimao race starts in tricky conditions and ends in 4th position
September 23rd, 2012
It was tricky at the start because of the rain in the morning and some huge thunderstorms, no one expected that before the race. I was lucky I was on pole so I got off the line good and lead the first couple of laps, there was a couple of wet patches but we just made our way around them. There was something going on with the bike at the start of the race, something electronic with the traction control or something, it sort of mucked up my rhythym a little bit and then we had a really good battle all race with the top guys, going at each other all the time, missing breaking points and running a bit wide. It was an enjoyable race but unfortunately I missed the podium and ended up 4th. It was a much better 4th than the last race because I was there in the fight. To be honest we were lacking a bit of power in the straight, this season its been difficult and today it was quite obvious because its quite a big straight. There's only one more race to go this year at a little bit less of a horsepower track, its a good track for me, hopefully we can try and get that win. Click here to watch the full video.
Pole position in an intense session at Portimao
September 22nd, 2012
It was a pretty intense session really the track here is such a physical and hard track and the temperatures have been quite high. We went out at the start of the session, my speed was quite good but not really what I expected. We made a couple of changes during the session, trying a few things on the rear shock and front suspension in a direction that we knew and the bike started to handle a lot better and felt really consistent. I'm really happy for the guys they haven't had one for a while we've missed out a few times, its been really close but this one we're on the right end of the stick. Its nice for me, its the last 2 races, its that time of year where I need to be there for next year. Click here to watch the full video.
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