2nd position at the Bol D'Or 24 hour world endurance championship at Magny Cours
April 21st, 2013
After 799 laps, over 3500km of racing, 900 litres of fuel, 30 pit stops and an average speed of over 146km per hour Broc and the Yamaha Racing Austria Team (YART) finished on the podium in 2nd position behind the full factory effort from Kawasaki. The first time at the Bol D'Or for Broc, accompanied by double world endurance champion Igor Jerman and last minute replacement Sheridan Morais, the team qualified in 9th position. Broc started the race with the famous dash across the track to leave the grid with a big handful of throttle. After 6 hours and 161 laps Broc and YART were in 6th place behind the BMW and Honda TT LegendsTeam. By 12 hours Broc and the team had completed 395 laps and were up to 3rd having passed the Honda TT Legends team and BMW had gone missing. After a long night with temperatures dropping to only 5 degrees centigrade Broc was 598 laps in and up to 3rd position behind the Yamaha GMT team. The last few hours saw a huge battle with Suzuki who were in 4th place. Broc rode his usual 50 minute session but as the fastest rider in the team his services were called upon for another session to keep the Suzuki behind. Great efforts by Igor and Sheridan consolidated the position at 2.5 laps ahead. This saw a change in rider order meaning Broc was again on the bike for the final stage of the race and crossed the finish line to take 2nd place. A great start to Broc's world endurance career ...   Read more...
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Broc claims victory during Winton’s second round of the FX-Nationals
April 6th, 2013
Broc claimed victory during Winton’s second round of the FX-Nationals today for the Yamaha Racing with Yamalube team.
Under bright clear blue skies round two of the FX-Nationals got underway again at the Winton Motor Raceway, just outside of Benalla in Victoria.
FX-Superbike series leader, Broc kept the ball rolling going into the second round topping the time sheets in the 16-minute qualifying session with a 1m24.253, which he set on his third lap, adding two poles to his name so far this season in the FX-Nationals.
“Qualifying went really good, because yesterday was my first time here, we struggled a little bit up until lunch time yesterday, then in the afternoon we found a better set-up. The track is a little bit different to what I’m used to in Europe – a lot tighter. But the Yamaha R1 seems to be working really well, every time I get on the bike I feel more confident, so I’m really happy.”
Broc was even happier when he went on to win the overall round again making it two in a row after he finished with a 1-1-2.
“It’s been awesome. We did the same at Sydney Motorsport Park, but it was in the wet, so it was good to come here and win in the dry, especially because it’s my first time here and I didn’t really know what to expect so I’m really excited. I’m starting to understand the R1 a little bit more ...   Read more...
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Bol D'Or Test at Magny Cours in preparation for the race on 20/21 April
March 21st, 2013
 Full image now published on my Facebook page, click here to view   Read more...
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