Catching up before the Catalunya race this weekend -
June 12th, 2014
We’re well into the MotoGP season now and you’ve got a number of starts under your belt with the PBM team. Overall, how do you feel you have started off?

For me, its a big learning curve. Even last race at Mugello, and pretty much every track I’ve been to, has been a new one. That’s been a little bit tough, to learn tracks and the bike, and to get the best setup for the race. In general, I think we are whereabouts we expected to be. I was hoping to be a bit closer to the other guys in the class, which was sort of the goal, but the more the season goes on, it becomes harder and harder than we thought. In general I’m getting better and better on the bike every time I get on it.

And what about the bike, is there much going on in terms of development as the races progress?

Last race was the first time we got new parts. We got a different tank, so I could get a bit lower. The development side of the team is really at a minimum; the team is so small. On my side of the box there really is only three people, two mechanics and a chief mechanic. There’s no electronics guys or anything. And Aprilia didn’t have a Magnetti Marelli system so basically we’re trying to develop our own system. We’re not really ...   Read more...
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Solid finish just outside the points in first visit to Italian MotoGP at Mugello
June 2nd, 2014
Has not been easy learning this track and could have done with that whole session we missed on Saturday. We still need to improve so bring on Barcelona in 2 weeks.

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Difficult race in Le Mans after problems with both bikes
May 18th, 2014
It wasn’t a very easy race here in Le Mans this weekend, we had a few dramas before the race, we had problems with the two bikes. Unfortunately in warm up this morning my number one bike had a problem with the engine, we didn’t have enough time to change engines so I had to change bikes. In the race I didn’t feel good on the bike, I had no rear grip and I struggled a lot with wheelie and things I had all weekend. I opted for the harder rear tyre which I think was the wrong decision, I should probably have gone with the soft option which I felt quite good on all weekend but was worried about the movement in the race. We ended up 18th, the first half of the race wasn’t too bad but once the grip ran out I couldn’t get on the power and had no side grip mid corner. I dropped back a bit and tried to keep pace but it wasn’t a lot of fun at the end of the race. The next race is Mugello in Italy, a new track for me, hopefully we can get up to speed and have a good one, see you all there. Click here to watch the full video.

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