Disappointing races at Oulton Park British Superbikes with a crash and bike problems
May 4th, 2015
Well Oulton Park's been a massive disaster for me this weekend. Its quite a difficult track to learn, we got some bad weather so we didn't get a lot of dry time. We went straight into the qualifying with not really a set up and I did my best but it wasn't good enough and we ended up 16th on the grid. On Saturday I had a big crash in the wet and hurt my shoulder and right arm quite badly. In the first race we made a good start and passed a few guys in the first lap but unfortunately I got T-boned into Hizzy's, I went up in the air and landed quite hard on my back and was beaten up again. The bike was quite badly damaged and the boys did the best job to fix it for the race but the brake was not quite right, it was all the way out and I couldn't adjust it in anymore and I'm not sure what was going on with the engine break. I just continued to race to get some more miles on this track because I needed more laps but in the end I didn't have anywhere near the pace that I needed. We've got the summer break now and 2 days test at Snetterton before the next race in 5 weeks, I need to regroup and come back for round 4 and try to get towards the front where I believe I should be. Click here for the video.  
16th on the grid first time at Oulton Park for the 3rd round of British Superbikes 2015
May 3rd, 2015
Unfortunately we didn't make the top ten in qualifying, we didn't have the pace to be there. Its so close this year you can easily look a lot worse than you are and with the wet conditions yesterday and this morning we lost a bit of time on the dry track. Going straight into qualifying I just had to try and make up a bit of time I didnt have with a lack of experience with the track. Starting from 16 on the grid is not where I wanted to be, but we got two races tomorrow so I just have to make up for it in the two races and hopefully come away with some good points.  
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11th in race 2 at Brands Hatch Indy BSB
April 19th, 2015
Just finished Brands Hatch Indy, there have been some positives from the weekend, we've improved myself and the bike and now we're in the top 10. In the second race I was unfortunate, I got trapped at the start from Smrz bike, he had a problem on the start and I had to miss him and come from quite a way back. On this track track its so difficult to pass, I started to get through the pack and my pace was better than the first race but by that time it was too late. To get the points we did in the first race and the second race we've made improvements and I'm getting closer. I want to be at the front and hopefully at the Oulton test on Friday we can improve the bike, its another new circuit for me and we'll try and make that next step and be closer to the front at the Outlon race in 2 weeks. Click here for the full video.  
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