11th place in both BSB races at Snetterton after a pace car in race 2
June 21st, 2015
Its been a bit of a mixed day here at Snetterton . The first race we started from 19th, I got a good start and got hit in the second corner and basically went back to 20th and slowly climbed my way through the pack but when you’re that far back its hard to catch up the time. We had quite good pace and I was happy with the pace and I finished 11th and I thought for race 2 I can be a lot stronger because we had the 7th best time for the grid at the start of race two. Race two I got a blinder of a start and got up to 4th position and was hanging into the top three, even felt like I had better speed maybe than Jason who was in front of me. Then the pace car came out, it was only out for one lap and I didn’t get quick enough off the last corner behind the guys on front of me, two guys came under me in the first corner and from there I just didn’t seem to have the pace, I felt like I lost a lot of rear grip and the bike was just spinning. The good think was I was running up front for a while but we need to get better over distance, its something I need to work on but we take the positives, we were running at the front for a while we just need to do it over a race distance. Click here for the full video.
19th in troubled qualifying at Snetterton round of the British Superbike Championship
June 20th, 2015
We just finished qualifying at Snetterton, we've been quite good all weekend, we've had good pace and have been in the top 6 all the time, I've been feeling quite comfortable on the bike for probably the first time this year. We went out in Q1 and ended up 6th which was pretty positive. Q2 came on, I went out of the pits and I felt the seat move and I thought the actual seat came off, it was actually my seat foam so I quickly came into the pits and it started raining and I missed the qualifying lap, everyone got one lap in and that was their time so I ended up 19th on the grid which was a big bummer. We got the race tomorrow and the good thing is my pace is up, I've been passing guys quite quickly and easily and the bike feels quicker this weekend with the new engine. From 19th on the grid is going to be hard but will try to stay out of trouble in the first laps, keep pace and hopefully come through and make a good time so for the second race I can be a lot further up the grid and try and be a lot stronger. Click here for the full video.  
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Michelin test duty at Aragon circuit in Spain with Yamaha MotoGP
June 18th, 2015
I was here to test the Michelin tyres, I worked through their programme and it was great to ride a MotoGP bike again. I loved it today because the bike is really impressive and the team were great to work with. It's nice to be called by Yamaha and asked to come test for them and hopefully I'll get the chance to work with them again. 
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