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4th at Assen and back in the Championship points
April 22nd, 2012
Well that was a very interesting race it poured down half way through the first superbike race so we started our race in wet conditions. It was looking pretty good at the start we were leading for a couple of laps and it started to rain a lot it was even hailing at one end of the track then I got passed and I was happy to sit in second or third but later in the race I tried to push and had a couple of big moments, the rear just kept coming round on entry, I had both feet off a couple of times and I thought to myself its our home race and I want to be on the podium so I tried really hard to stay with the guys in second and third and unfortunately I couldn’t so in the last 5 or 6 laps I had to abandon the podium and just take the points. The good thing is I’m back in the points for the championship, that’s my main goal and I’m looking forward to the next round in Monza, bring it on. Click here to see the full video.
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