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Tyre problems and fastest lap in the race at Imola
April 1st, 2012
Well the Imola race has finished, its been a really bad day. We put in exactly the same tyre we used this morning which was quickest in warm-up, went out in the race and done 5 laps and we were just going backwards, the tyre was just completely destroyed. It’s just really frustrating to have these issues two races in a row, and again here there’s just nothing you can do. I came in the pits and put in a new tyre – exactly the same tyre again and then on the track put in a lap record, fastest lap of the race and really consistent times. Its very frustrating and it’s not good for the championship – it’s only early days we still got 10 rounds to go, so just got to look forward now to Assen. We got a test at Assen which will be our first test for the year so I’m really looking forward to that to get the bike dialled in a little bit more but at the moment I don’t think that’s the biggest issue – Pirelli just really needs to work out what’s going on with their tyre and hopefully it doesn’t happen to everyone else, see you in Assen. Click here for the video.
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