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Pole position with Monster YART at the Oschersleben 8hr World Endurance Championship race
August 21st, 2015

This year’s been a bit tough for the team because they’ve been so fast but had some problems in the race but the bike is new and some really small have things have happened. It’s the first time here with the new R1 for Yamaha, we didn’t really have a base set up, every session we have something new coming from Yamaha, we just keep putting the new stuff on, its getting better and better and sometimes we need to fine tune it. Today we tried something and it was not 100%, but we all have good race pace and consistency. For us the most important thing today was to get the pole position but also to make the bike good for everybody. Me and Sheridan (Morais) are more alike because we’re smaller and ride more supersport style, where Ivan (SIlva) pick’s up the bike up so we try to make a compromise. Its clear now for our race tyres and we’re all pretty happy, the good thing is we’re all fast, for any rider in a team it’s the most important thing. We’ll try to see the chequered flag this year. Click here for the full video.