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Avoiding action twice and 18th place finish in Misano MotoGP race
September 14th, 2014
We got a good start and in the first corner we were in the battle, one guy crashed next to me and the bike went so high in the air all I could see was the rider in the sky, luckily he didn’t hit me. We were behind the Honda’s and Michael and the next lap Petrucci crashed right in front of me, he lost the front into the right hander and as I was going through the next left his bike nearly cleaned me up. Luckily I saw it coming, gave it gas and just missed it but I dropped a couple of seconds. My pace in the first half of the race wasn’t too bad, I was running with a couple of the Honda’s and Michael up to half race. In the last half I had no grip and the same movement I’ve been struggling with the last couple of races. Its definitely improved, we’re going forward and its more positive, I had a good battle with Barbera in the later part of the race, it was nice to battle with somebody but we still need to make another step for Aragon click here to see the full video click for photo gallery

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