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Set up improvements in qualifying for tomorrow's Misano MotoGP
September 13th, 2014
We just finished qualifying and it wasn’t too bad considering the last couple of races and this is one of my favourite tracks. We started off yesterday with wet conditions, the track was really tricky, there was no grip. I missed the first session, there were nine crashes in the first ten minutes so I didn’t bother going out. In the afternoon it rained again, I went out and did some laps and the feeling wasn’t too bad, I didn’t do anything stupid as we knew it was going to be nice and sunny today and tomorrow. Today was a bit slow to start with, the bike felt like the last couple of races but we made some good changes and have a pretty good set up for tomorrow. We’ve got a few things to try as the bikes still got the problem with the front end moving and the chatter, we just want the bike to be a bit more stable on the brakes so it’s a bit better over race distance. Basically feeling better and more confident for the race, hopefully if there’s some points to be taken I’ll try to be there to take them. Click here to watch the full video